Wine Experience

The experience begins with a guided tour in our vineyard: there you will discovery the area, our company, the Bardolino DOC and the olive trees. We will then move to the terrace, overlooking our vineyards, where we will taste our extra virgin olive oil and some wines of our production accompanied by local cold cuts and cheeses. At the end of the visit our products will be available for purchase.

Tastings last about 1.30 hour and are planned from Monday to Friday: at 5 pm during summer, at 4 pm during spring and autumn. Reservation is mandatory.

For any information, special needs and costs:
T. +39 045 7210964

The legend of Adelaide.

500 meters from the Agriturismo La Rocca, stands the Rocca del Garda, historic scenery for one of the most fascinating legends of the lake: a story of kidnapping, love, escape and revenge. The year is 947 AD. The main character is Adelaide of Burgundy, daughter of Rudolf II and Berta of Tuscany.

Married at the age of 16 to Lothair II, King of Italy, she entered the court of Pavia and became the legitimate queen of the Kingdom of Italy. Adelaide is cultured and beautiful, intelligent and ambitious, with a mild but brave soul, and deeply loved by her people. Unfortunately, the marriage with Lothair will last only three years. The sovereign dies poisoned victim of a conspiracy, orchestrated by the Marquis of Ivrea, Berengario II, the largest feudal lord of north-western Italy. Thus he wanted his young son Adalberto to marry the queen and become the new King of Italy. Adelaide strongly opposes this union.

Thus, the cruel Berengario kidnaps her in 951 and locks her up in the tower of a fortress at the top of Rocca del Garda. The sad queen spends her days locked up, confiding her story to her trusted confessor, Friar Martino. It is Martino himself, with the help of some local fishermen, who organizes a daring escape plan for Adelaide. According to legend, they dug a long tunnel in the rock to secretly bring the queen down to the lake shores. Here, some fishermen were ready to ferry her, at night, to a safe place. The fugitive Adelaide takes refuge in the fortress of Canossa, pursued by Berengario who unsuccessfully besieges the castle for over three years. In Canossa, Adelaide meets Otto I, Emperor of Germany.

Struck by Adelaide’s tenacity and courage, the emperor falls madly in love with her and, with his army, finally defeats Berengario, avenging the death of Lothair and the kidnapping of the queen. Ottone and Adelaide get married on Christmas Eve 952. They will have four children: Matilda, Bruno, Enrico and Ottone II. With the death of her second husband in 973, the queen decided to seclude herself in the Benedictine monastery of Cluny, where she died in 999. In 1097 Pope Urban II proclaimed her a saint. Today her tomb is destination of numerous pilgrimages.